Internet Safety Seminars 

We conduct informative seminars, for your school or community group, to demonstrate the dangers your children face on the Internet and to show you ways to protect them.  These sessions are customized to your organization's needs.  We also offer similar Internet safety programs geared to children.

Computer Installation & Setup

F&S Computer Services does not sell hardware but we do provide installation and set up services.  If you have a new computer, printer or other device and aren’t sure how to connect it, call for information about our installation services.

Preventive Maintenance
Viruses, spyware and many other factors can slow your computer down.  We offer preventive maintenance services to clean your system and keep it running at peak performance.

Software Services

We can help with all your software needs:

      ·          Installation

·          Training

·          Upgrades

·          Virus scan & removal

·          Spyware removal


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